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9. Vivero Parvo - "Take the Minimum Required"

Ohsawa was an advocate of eating the minimum; staying slightly hungry, keeping active. If you have strong passions and things that you want to do in life, this comes naturally, because your are feeding a bigger appetite. But, if you are bored by your current life, what's the incentive to suddenly discipline yourself?

18. Cultivate A Sense Of Humor

Ohsawa called 'Good Humor' one of the basic conditions of health. Humor comes from the Latin word humere, which means, "to be wet, or fluid, like water." In Buddhism and Taoism, water imagery represents flowing freedom and perfect naturalness. If you think about it, humor has a watery quality that we can be most receptive to by "going with the flow," allowing ourselves the mental flexibility to be open and taken by the imagery of the comic, or the comic irony of a particular situation.
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