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Autor Téma: Oriental Diagnosis Clinic with Seymour Koblin, Prague, December 19  (Přečteno 1416 krát)
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Zen-Touch Shiatsu with Macrobiotic Consultation

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When: Saturday December 19. , 9.30 am - 5 pm (clients from 3 pm to 5 pm)
Where: Prague 2, Fričova 2
Workshop is designed for shiatsu and macrobiotic students as well as for anyone who wants to understand and improve their health condition.
Apply Facial/Back/Hara/Chakra and Behavioral signs for assess and recommendations.
Participate as a student or client/subject.
Refine or define your health tendencies and make practical and creative changes to create vital health: food, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.
More info:,,,, +420 722 904 804
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