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« kdy: 12. Leden, 2010, 21:15:46 »

Pri patrani na yahoo macrobiotic discussion group jsem narazil na dost zajimavy komentar, ktery napsal Bruce Paine, letity makrobiotik nekde z US.
Je to vytrzene z kontextu diskuze, ale i tak to jako informace staci. Diskuze byla ohledne pouzivani nightshades (rajcata, lilky atd.) v makrobiotice:

 Christine, Klara, and friends,
 During an earlier period maybe between the 1930s and mid 1960s when
 Georges Ohsawa was the world macrobiotic leader, George was teaching
 that tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant were foods to avoid to maintain
 our health when eating a macrobiotic diet.
 A few years after Ohsawa passed away (after 1967) Michio Kushi (one of
 Ohsawa's) assumed a leadership position, writing books on healing
 cancer, heart disease and other things, and in the late 1970s, he
 formulated a macrobiotic dietary standard that excluded nightshades.
 In the last ten years or so the macrobiotic movement has divided (albeit
 invisibly) into a healing dietary faction and an everyday macrobiotic
 The healing faction is more often than not guided by macrobiotic
 counselors but also has a subcomponent of student self-healers (either
 individuals who study macrobiotics in school settings or directly under
 macrobiotic teacher/counselors who devote much of their time and energy
 to healing themselves and individuals who study macrobiotics on their
 own while focusing on self-healing).
 Within the last five or ten years Michio has suggested that relatively
 health people on an everyday macrobiotic diet can include some
 nightshades, raw foods (especially some raw juices of fruits and
 vegetables) and other some other foods previously advised against,
 occasionally into their dietary practice.

 If you are a person who is either following the advice of a teacher or
 counselor to heal yourself of a condition that excludes nightshades
 especially tomatoes or are on a self-healing through macrobiotics path
 that seems to suggest that you avoid tomatoes and other nightshades then
 maybe you should follow either that guidance or self guidance.
 Otherwise if your condition and general constitution is health and in
 good shape, maybe you can eat an everyday macrobiotic diet that includes
 some nightshades, now and then.
 Does that make sense to you?
 Thank you, very much.
 Great life, peace and joy!
 Bruce Paine
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