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The only law of Chinese medicine is explained in four words, " Sin do hu zi, " which means man is the result of his environment. In other words, to maintain natural and perfect health, man must feed himself on the products which nature offers him in his environment in the very same proportions as they are naturally produced.

If a man has been saved once by Oriental medicine, he has no possibility of falling ill again in his lifetime. Otherwise, he has not been truly cured, or he has not grasped the essence of the medical practice. If he becomes ill several times again, he is not worth curing, he must be allowed to suffer that he might learn the law. That is only way to bring him to true salvation and to consolidate the happiness of all of humanity.

One must concentrate the physical constitution, the ground, the inner environment so soundly that the factors of disease cannot penetrate into it or are no longer active in it. This is the perfect physiological synthesis which all the animals and all the birds possess, instinctively. Let us not confuse this with preventive medicine, which is but another analytical science. The perfect medicine, the Ido, is the medical application of all the In'Yological understanding of the entire universe.   

A disciple of Confucious was advising a peasant on the use of a mechanical device to draw water from a well ( a very simple machine ) instead of his usual coming-and-going between the fields he was  irrigating and the stream. The latter replied:
" Young man, I thank you for your good counsel. But I regret that you have not understood that one must learn through work the true meaning of the Unique Law, the Tao, that one must free oneself from human utilitarian wisdom. Perhaps you are lacking a good teacher, or perhaps your master does not know how to teach the Tao. I am sorry to see this. "
Confucious approved of the words of the peasant.   

Le Principe Unique de la Philosophie
et de la Science d'Extreme-Orient
by Georges Ohsawa

" Scientific knowledge produces a mediocre man, blinded by shameful desires, " Buddha said.

" Your lack of thinking ( spontaneity ) is the perfect 'consciousness' taught by the Buddha, " said Rinzai.

" Desire for knowledge is a fever, " said Lao-tsu.

" Educated persons have insurmountable difficulties in understanding the Tao, which is easy for the ignorant ones to practice, " said Lao-Tsu.
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