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Anyone starting a macrobiotic dietary practice without studying yin and yang can do so adequately, experiencing increasing health benefits physically, emotionally and mentally, for only a certain period of time, perhaps three to five years. However, since a macrobiotic dietary practice is not dieting in the strict sense, if we have not studied and begun to understand the principles which inform the practice, principally yin-yang theory and its derivative, the Five Transformation Theory, we will find that around this time our experience of doing a macrobiotic practice will get 'bogged down'. It is commonplace for people to have started a macrobiotic dietary practice and given up after three years or so; one constantly hears people saying, "oh yes, I tried macrobiotics for a couple of years back in" whatever decade they happened to have tried it. The percentage of people who have tried macrobiotic practice and given it up relative to the people who continue past the two to three year period is probably 80%.
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