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Autor Téma: CHINESE ASTROLOGY AND FENG SHUI - SEYMOUR KOBLIN, Prague Tues. March 11, 7.30 pm  (Přečteno 1950 krát)
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Seymour Koblin
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Zen-Touch Shiatsu with Macrobiotic Consultation

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Learn how to manage the innate spiritual, social and emotional influences of your birth year and month as described by Chinese Astrology. Are you a winter, spring, summer, autumn or fall “type”? What are your personal tendencies for 2010? This entertaining and very practical workshop will fully prepare you and your friends and family for setting intentions and following them through in this year and for years to come.
The time of our conception, gestation in mother's womb and birth initiates a powerful set up for life lessons. Seymour Koblin teaches people to integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual powers of the constellations into their daily lives. Participants will then apply these personal tendencies, to the practice of Feng Shui, creating harmony in their home and/or work environment while nurturing and supporting every aspect of their life path. Students will learn practical techniques to create immediate benefits.
English with Czech translation.
Price: 150 Kč
Address: I.P.Pavlova - Jugoslávská 7/670, Praha 2.,
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