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Autor Téma: Group Health Consultation - Seymour Koblin, Prague, April 20th 7.30 pm  (Přečteno 1679 krát)
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Seymour Koblin
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Zen-Touch Shiatsu with Macrobiotic Consultation

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From Arthritis to Zoster - learn how any symptom can be healed. There are only 7 categories/levels of disease. Each participant will learn which category his/her symptoms are at and how to heal them by applying the 3 steps of healing - Pysical, Emotional and Spiritual. Participants will also learn to monitor their health through the 7 STEPS OF VITALITY. If you are ready to take control of your health (in most cases between 10 - 120 days) this workshop is for you. Seymour will provide the necessary tools to improve the health of each person attending the workshop.
English with Czech translation.
Price: 150 Kč
Address: I.P.Pavlova - Jugoslávská 7/670, Praha 2.,,

Seymour Koblin began his career as a Holistic practitioner and educator in 1978 in New York City. After studying personally with Michio Kushi, Master CK CHU, Shizuko Yamamoto and Wataru Ohashi, he moved to San Diego in 1987 when he began his role as an instructor and the eventual director and founder of the School of Healing Arts. He is the creator of Zen-Touch™, a health balancing system that incorporates traditional Asian philosophy and healing methods into a flowing system of bodywork, and assessment/recommendation counseling. Known for his uncanny ability to intuitively understand a person’s most relevant life issues, he guides people to integrate their health with the cycles of nature. Exercise (based on Tai Chi), Nutrition, and Way of Life Recommendations are included in his work. As an educator Seymour creates an interactive environment where participants experience many different facets of themselves through humor, movement, music, touch, intuition, art and poetry.
Seymour is the Author of Food for Life, The Art of Zen-Touch™ and Shaping Our Destiny.
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