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Kushi Publishing, Inc. is proud to offer for purchase the “Macrobiotic Seminars of Michio Kushi: Acupuncture and Ancient and Future Worlds”transcribed by Joan Mansolilli.  This 137-page book of lectures from January through March of 1973 offers an incredible cosmological foundation for understanding acupuncture, meridians, points as well as looking into the cycles that govern Ancient and Future Worlds.  It is a must-have and an invaluable resource for all students of healing wishing to understand the Ancient Oriental view of the human body. This the second of two excellent books transcribed by Joan Mansolilli and previously published by the East West Foundation.  This is the first time they are being offered again in 27 years.  It is now being offered in its original form as downloadable PDF document for $100.00 USD.

Takže za pouhých $100 si to kupte!  67
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