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Autor Téma: How Did I Find Macrobiotics? The Principle of Life - George Ohsawa  (Přečteno 2641 krát)
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I was born at Sagano, Kyoto, Japan in 1893. My mother could not
produce enough milk and I was a weak baby. I was told by mother
that I almost died five times before I reached the first birthday. My
family was poor. Father was a principal of an elementary school of
a small village before I was born. Then my parents moved to Kyoto
where he became a policeman. Mother worked at home to help
finance—making strings for kimonos. Mother was an industrious
woman. She studied Western science and culture through Yuzuru
Niijima who was the founder of the Doshisha University. She died
at the age of 30 from tuberculosis, leaving two sons. I was 10 and a
younger brother was 6. Two sisters had died earlier due to the wrong
diet which my mother introduced in our family through her study of
Western science and culture.
From that time we lived sad days as poor orphans. I was an apprentice
in a Buddhist temple as a disciple. However, I soon started
to vomit blood like my mother and sisters did. At 18, I had to give up
my school, medicine, eggs and meat because I was too poor to continue
such expensive living. I lived in the lowest living condition.
In other words, I lived with brown rice, radish pickle and salt plum
even though I was told that my sickness—tuberculosis—required
eggs and meats by the doctors and my mother who gave us milk,
eggs and bread every morning (which was violating natural order).
We were punished for this violation. Such a diet destroyed our family’s
health. I, however, resented that I could not afford to continue
such a diet because I didn’t know the fact that such a diet was the
cause of mother’s and sisters’ death and my sickness. If I could have
afforded to continue that diet, I would have died at that time. I am so
grateful that I was poor.
This story may sound strange to you. Life is strange and miraculous.
Without miracles, there is no life. I have written many books
and articles for over 40 years about the secrets of how I cured my
diseases and led a happy life. By this secret I cured thousands of
the sick. My book on this diet sold millions of copies in Japan. This
book is an English edition of my Japanese publication—The New
Macrobiotic Medicine.
Curing all my diseases and re-establishing my health at the age
of 20, I realized that food is the source of life. After realization of
this important fact, I decided to devote my life to preaching this
doctrine. My devotion to this doctrine, however, caused strong antagonisms
such as accusations from the public, the medical society
and the police. I was tortured by police several times. Publication
of my books was stopped several times. My decision to work on
Macrobiotic medicine, however, never changed. Starting as a clerk
in a trading company, I became a manager and then the president.
During this time, I supported my father and my step-mother—giving
them one-third of my income. I spent the rest of the income on my
life work—the Macrobiotic movement, which included publishing a
monthly magazine, over 200 books, the distribution of macrobiotic
foods, operating cooking classes, giving lectures, organizing summer
schools, camps and restaurants, etc.
I traveled to France for the first time in 1914. Since then I have
returned a dozen or more times to transplant the unifying principle
of Far Eastern science and philosophy—the matrix of all eastern religions
and civilizations—and to set up a deep and meaningful understanding
between the East and the West. But, to my sadness, I
convinced no one. So I had to earn my living teaching and practicing
acupuncture and introducing the art of flower arrangement, Buddhism
, bonsai, bonkei, the theory behind Judo, etc. I could not go
on like that.
At the age of 35, I quit businesses in Japan and went to Europe
with 200 yen pocket money only in order to confirm my belief—the
secret of life for health and happiness.
In Europe, in order to explain macrobiotics to Westerners, I first
studied science. I lived at the lowest standard of living. However, I
cured many sick people by Macrobiotic medicine. During my first
year in Paris, I published the Unique Principle, which is my first
publication and explains the principle of the Oriental philosophy.
Six years later, I went back to Japan where the political situation was
very tense and Japanese militarism was taking over the government.
I intentionally consulted many noble families and intellectuals in
order to avoid military pressure. The outbreak of the Sino-Japanese
War prohibited my return to Europe.
Since I had studied the principle of Change—Yin-Yang—I often
made prophecies in many fields such as personal futures, social
problems, world situations, etc. Later I made prophecies that Japan
would be defeated and the government leaders be shot. This prophecy
was realized later. Due to my prophecies concerning the future
of Japan and Japanese government, I was arrested several times.
My publications were stopped and my institution was closed by the
military government. Finally, I was sentenced to death twice, and it
was General McArthur who released me from execution at the last
minute. As soon as I was released from the jail, I started activities on
Macrobiotic education in Japan hoping to find a few young Japanese
who would be able to understand Macrobiotics and the Unique Principle.
From these activities, a few Japanese youth followed me and
went to Europe, North America, India and South America—these included
Michio Kushi, Aveline Kushi, Clim Yoshimi, Tomio Kikuchi,
Abe Nakamura, Herman Aihara, Cornellia Aihara, etc.
In 1953, at age 60, I left Japan for India—to teach Macrobiotics
to the world.
Now, I am returning to France, 20 years after leaving, and after
two years in India and eight months in Equatorial Africa. And
now, I, the first practitioner-importer of acupuncture into Europe,
am overwhelmed at the sight of hundreds of acupuncturists “made
in France”! Books on Buddhism and Japanese architecture, masters
of flower arrangement, thousands of Judo-kas, bonkei in the 5 and
10’s! This is why I speak so urgently to you to the Unifying Principle
of Yin and Yang. Without this basic understanding you will be lost
in any Far Eastern scientific and philosophic studies. Even though
I was very sick in my youth, I lived a most exciting life, enjoying
my life, curing thousands of the sick and changing unhappy ones
into happy ones. This book is a practical guide for living to whoever
wishes to live such an exciting and wonderful life. Such persons
must understand the following poem.
For one who has no sadness there is no joy.
For one who has joy sadness follows.
Overcoming sadness and suffering.
Come to the land
Where there is eternal joy.
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