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A common goal requires a mutual love for a higher achievement - such as making others happy, serving others, healing others, contributing to the safety, fun or love life of others.

 Many jobs and business offer the opportunity to join together and share all work, success and challenges. The smaller a family business, the easier it will be for both to share all and join their efforts toward a mutual goal of love.

 The closer both lovers work together - also physically - the more likely both will success and get closer and closer. Whatever you do together will melt you together, whatever you do separately may ultimately divorce you.

 Countryside we have the advantage of being able to concentrate on basic human needs, healthy environment for living and working as well as offering all the adventurous nature environment children need to enjoy life. In a countryside environment people are more natural, more helpful for each other, a more loving community - more likely to be close to a true family-like village ideal to offer friends, privacy, romance and adventure along with an ideal living-working environment where all family finds an occupation in the own family business.

 The opposite of a natural family and relationship friendly countryside-environment is city and corporate environment where often families are on separate jobs, in separate companies and meet only later each day ... having achieved nothing together also leaves little experience or common success stories to share and to build up a lasting and stronger growing relationship.

 Furthermore a corporate or city environment leave no or little space for children to actively get involved in your own family business. Children love by nature to learn, to learn form parents or relatives is more loving and hence more fun than learning from schools or other business owners outside your own family-clan.
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