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Zen-Touch Shiatsu with Macrobiotic Consultation

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Seymour Koblin: Workshop - Improve your eye vision:

When and Where:
1) weekend 16. - 17. 2. 2013 in Chrudim, Fibichova 196,
2) weekend 23. - 24. 3. 2013 in Prague, Fričova 3, Praha 2,

If the eyes are the windows of the soul why do so many people need glasses?
Learn exercises that will improve any physical dysfunction of your eyes, prevent degeneration as well as develop extra sensory vision skills like seeing Auras and  manifesting your life purpose through seeing your goals and intentions.

In English with Czech translation.

Price: 3000 Kč or 12O Euro or 150 USA dollars, bring second person for half price.
Reserve your place up to 20. 1. 2013 and recieve FREE training glasses.

Reservation, information:

Stanislava Papoušková,, phone.: +420 722 904 804, WWW.ZENTOUCH.CZ   

Seymour Koblin: In 1953 Seymour's  Father -an optometrist hoped his newly born son would follow in his footsteps and thus gave him a name that would attract customers, "After 34  years in the Holistic Health Field Seymour is now doing what his Father hoped- Helping People to "See More".
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