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Autor Téma: Intensive Chi Exercise with Seymour Koblin, summer July 6 - 13th, CHRUDIM, Czech  (Přečteno 1884 krát)
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Seymour Koblin
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Zen-Touch Shiatsu with Macrobiotic Consultation

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One week intensive CHI EXERCISE with Seymour Koblin

Sunday evening July 6th - Sunday lunch July 13th, CHRUDIM, Czech Republic
- train and bus connection, Chrudim - beautiful historical town in East Bohemia, 115 km from Prague
- students from abroad welcome

Reservations: S. Papoušková, +420 722 904 804, OR,
Sign up before April 30th and you will receive a book Chi Cirkulation & Cultivation and videos with these exercises (electronic form).

Price: 7000 Kč (accomodation 1400 Kč, food 1400 Kč, classes: 4200 Kč), your companions can enjoy historical and recreational activities

Macrobiotic meals 3x/day, accomodation: Filištínská 143, pension Krmelec and restaurant Zdravíčko (,

MORNING AND AFTERNOON EXERCISES (6 hours total) AND EVENING PRACTICAL LESSONS (Integrating Macrobiotics, TCM, Ayurvedic and other energetic models into daily living practices; Enhancing and transforming reproductive energy to heighten vitality and enhance creativity; Female and Male dynamics/Yin – Yang; Chakra and Palm healing; Movement with Music based on 7 Chakras and 5 elements; Using toning and sounds to harmonize CHI flow)

„You are the architect of your body, mind and spirit. One week of alignment exercises, breathing and meditation will alter your health into a state of vitality that will change the course of your life forever.“

ETERNAL SPRING CHI KUNG & NEI KUNG: Learn 23 exercises that will take your health to a new level of vitality, as well as freedom from pain and disease.

TAI CHI CHUAN (YANG): You will learn an abbreviated short form that contains all the Essentials ingredients for cultivating and circulating CHI – Breath, Body alignment and clarity of shen/mind.

: The art of sitting with emptiness of mind, combined with breathing exercises that catalyze the creation and circulation of chi, will harmonize all activities of body, mind, spirit. The consistent meditation practice throughout the week will create  a deep sense of clarity – a rebirth of one´s life path.

Seymour Koblin
– founder of Zen-TouchTM shiatsu and School of Healing Arts in California, student of C. K. Chu (Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Nei Kung), Michio Kushi (makrobiotics), Shizuko Yamamoto and Wataru Ohashi (shiatsu). He is offering classes and certifications in Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Zen-TouchTM Shiatsu, Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Nutrition, Feng Shui) and private health consultations (

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