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Autor Téma: Many people reach their goals without eating healthily. What is the deal?  (Přečteno 1246 krát)
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Phiya Kushi dostal tuhle otazku a odpovida:

"My query is... many people reach their goals without eating healthily. What is the deal with that? I mean, I know that there are no hard fast rules to life.. What are your thoughts regarding people who eat without health in mind, yet, achieve their goals?"

Your question is great! Thanks for asking it! The answer is complex and involves many things

First, because the goals/purposes of macrobiotic cooking as wrote are so basic and generic they hardly seem worth mentioning, because really most healthy people intuitively seek out balance and freedom in what they eat as they are focused on and pursuing their goals. Some people even become so focused on their goals they forget to eat or hardly eat at all. This makes them and keeps them very healthy and able to achieve their dreams.

Another aspect of this involves our parental and ancestral biological inheritance. About a hundred years ago most people in this country were eating very well and even better before then. In other poorer countries many people still do. That means many parents, grandparents and great-grand parents were really very healthy and strong and their children inherited this strong health and constitution and thus are able to easily achieve their dreams. Barack Obama is a good example of this who comes from a very hard-working and healthy grain-eating midwest farmers on his mother's side and a hardworking poorer Kenyan family on his father's side. Today, however, the numbers of strong and healthy children and young adults are declining (except among vegetarian/macrobiotic families) and as a result there are less, extremely successful people. Most people fall somewhere in between from being extremely sick and dying of some kind disease to living an unhappy existence on medications and junk food with a rare few able to find true success and happiness. Even those that dominate the news are often plagued with health issues or many other problems in their life. Very few are truly happy and free.

Overall, our social success is bound by not just our parental biological heritage but also the social conditions and environments that we are born into. If we are born with a very strong constitution then we may be able to breakthrough those social barriers but such a success may not be long-lasting, being dependent on our inherited biological strength. Real lasting success and happiness comes after we have abused ourselves and discover our own limitations and potentials and rebuild ourselves by our own actions; by changing the foods we eat and healing ourselves. This is what has happened to many who have recovered from cancer and other serious illness with macrobiotics. They have found true freedom and happiness.

On a personal level, I am both blessed and cursed with having had "macrobiotic" parents. I have been blessed because it has given me a strong biological foundation and yet, I am cursed because in order for me to find my true self I must discard it completely and rediscover it again on my own terms.

I just posted an interesting article about Chef Guy Fieri who was, apparently, raised by macrobiotic parents from whom he has totally rebelled against. He will find his true success after he becomes ill and has to rediscover the importance of eating simply.

I hope was helpful!

Thanks again for asking!

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